Puzzle pieces are NOT cute

Puzzle pieces. *shudder*

Actual puzzle that you dump out of a box? Yes, please.

Puzzle pieces to represent autism, autistic pieces, how we need to be helped (aka forced) to fit in where you want us to fit, to imply we’re missing, maybe? None of this is cute.

How would you like to be seen? As a puzzle piece? Or as a person? I vote for person.

If you see an autistic person comment about some “decorative” puzzle piece you’ve posted, and they write how it’s triggering, hurtful, offensive, not cute, not generally liked by autistics, and so forth, and your response is to comment about how it’s cute, or you’re the OP, and you ignore the actually autistic people who comment and only respond to the people who say “cute”, you’re not helping. Even if you think you’re an “autism activist”.

You’re doing it wrong.

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