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For those of you for whom using the telephone orally is stressful (all the time, or only when you’re talking to people you either don’t know well or aren’t comfortable with unless you’re in person for whatever reasons), how many times do you run across Tech Support or customer service that tells you that your ONLY option is to call?

This frustrates me hugely. Especially because by the time I’ve gotten to the point I need support from a company, I’m probably already pretty darn frustrated. And it is worse if it is a HUGE company — national and/or international company, because…. in this day and age, how could they NOT offer online options for support?

(The flip side of frustration on this for me is when I *have* to call in — because our internet is down, and I have to listen to a recording on the internet repair line over and over again about how I could get faster help online….with the internet I’m calling in about not working…)

Sometimes I get asked if someone can make the call for me.


  1. You’ll ask to speak to me to verify my account and then we’re back where we started with the whole talking to them on the phone issue.
  2. The only other person in my home doesn’t like phone either, and is hampered by not understanding technology enough to explain the problem I need help with in the first place.

Which companies have you been surprised and/or frustrated by when you’re told if you can’t call in, they can’t help you?

My two biggest? Apple and Verizon.

I’d love to hear which other companies are doing this. Do we have any recourse on this?

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