*Waves a tentacle or two!*

I am The Autistic Octopus. I hope you enjoy my site and that you find it to be a helpful resource. I’ll be blogging about a variety of topics. Some will be specifically related to autism or to being autistic. But I have a lot of topics I feel strongly about, and I’ll be writing about them too. I have a handy little search box over there on the left sidebar/menu, and I’ll be adding tags to posts to help you find what you’re looking for.

Got a question? Swim over to the About & Contact page — you’ll find a little bit more about me and my thoughts. And a handy little contact form box. (And an explanation of why I’m blogging anonymously. Please respect my reasons.)

I will be a very, very happy octopus if my posts generate discussion, but my blog needs to be a safe space for me (and other autistic people) and I don’t want discussions to turn into flames when I’m away from my blog. I cannot and will not be monitoring it 24/7. If you think a discussion is getting into bad territory, drop me a line through my Contact Page. I should see that email pretty fast and I’ll check in as soon as I can after that.


A friendlier looking, green octopus, with it's tentacles around it and through the words Autistic Octopus

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